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Precision Analytics turns data into insights

With Precision Analytics you can use the latest market data to research investments, compare performance and create customized reports for your clients.

In an increasingly complex investment landscape, data informs the advice that your clients rely on. Precision Analytics is a powerful fund and portfolio analysis tool that allows you to give your clients advice based on real data-driven insights. Use the latest market data to research investments, compare performance and create customized reports for your clients. 

New Precision Analytics Release – March 8, 2021
New Functionality Includes:

Expanded list of US and Canadian listed equities

  • Access to 8,000 Canadian and US listed equities from TMX, CSE, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges


Currency conversion capabilities between CAD/USD

  • All portfolios created within Precision will settle in CDN dollars, even when there are USD denominated securities in the portfolio

Research Investments

With thousands of North American Mutual Fund, ETFs and Equities, you can find, compare and analyze funds using the latest market data.

  • Search investments using key words or fund attributes
  • Get data for thousands of Mutual Funds, ETFs & Equities
  • Save your searches for quick access

Build Portfolios

Build portfolios for any investor profile and save them for ongoing analysis and monitoring.

  • Create libraries of go-to funds and portfolios for quicker access
  • Adjust investment weighting by percentages or dollar value
  • Dive into detailed data on historical 

Analyze performance

When you paint a picture of fund and portfolio performance based on unbiased and up-to-date market data, you help empower your clients' decisions.

  • Compare investments and portfolios on one screen using key market data
  • See how investments perform against leading industry benchmarks
  • Customize chart views in real time

Generate custom reports

Staying on the same page with clients is easier with customized reports

  • Create a Quick Report with up to 10 funds in less than 60 seconds
  • Build robust detailed Custom Reports
  • Personalize the reports you create with comments, advice, letters, and more

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